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Calculator Casio Graph 25 + Pro BI9 22837
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For business studies.

Functions PGCD, PPCM. Integration functions. Linear calculatons. Trigonometric functions. Derivatives. Square root, cube, power up to 10, logarithm(neperian, decimal and exponential). Calculation of fractions. Sexagesimal calculation, Mathematical operation with lists. Value tables. Conversion degrees to radians and vice versa. Memory: 20 calculations. Cartesian equations, parameters and polar functions. Shows more than one graphic. Graphics, zoom, equation solver. Histograms and diagrams. Inequation solver.Statistics with 1 or 2 variables. Standard deviation, sum, average. Linear regression. Combinations, permutations, random number generator.Dimensions : H 2,13 x W 8,75 x D 18 cm. Weight 205 g.

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